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Chipman said the main difference was that TurboTax strictly adhered to the IRS forms. She said an actual MacInTax user reported they were called in for an audit. He walked in with his printout and ended up not having to pay a penny. MacInTax also had the IRS instruction booklet stored online–meaning on the software, not on the Internet–so if you clicked on a line it would pull up the corresponding instruction in a separate window. The program also included 24 IRS schedules and 15 specially designed worksheets to assist with computations. The names and Social Security numbers from the main 1040 were automatically transferred to these schedules and worksheets. Electronic filing required less paper and less time in the mail, Woods added, which meant faster processing for the taxpayer and the IRS.

michael chipman turbotax

SVG file with the TurboTax logo is ready, download will begin automatically in XX seconds. Since the TurboTax presented as a vector file and SVG isn’t a bitmap image, it is easily modified using JavaScript, CSS, and graphic editors. That makes it simple to have a base SVG file and repurpose it in multiple locations on the site with a different treatment.

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The user could then go back into the program to make corrections or print out forms. PC/Tax Cut printed out the 1040 on an IRS pre-printed form while making IRS-approved facsimile forms of the schedules. You could import data from an accounting package, spreadsheet, database, or personal finance software–anything that could store text files. Morgan demonstrated this by importing data from an unspecified accounting package. The imported data came up in a separate window, and you could drag-and-drop individual data items from that window into the main 1040 form.

michael chipman turbotax

Cheifet asked for more information on how PC/Tax Cut and TurboTax could actually be used for tax planning. Chipman said that TurboTax had the new 1987 tax rules built-in to the program.

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The other three companies profiled in this episode all had remarkably similar origin stories. michael chipman turbotax James Petersen co-founded Best Programs in November 1982 with his brother, Ken Petersen.

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Best of all, it meant getting your refund check about three weeks sooner. It’s also important to note that the above fees are for one year only. Consumers who wish to file again with TurboTax will need to purchase a license each tax time. Approximately 4.2 million copies of TurboTax were sold the year it was launched. Soon after, the company embarked on an aggressive sales campaign to ensure that its market dominance was maintained. I wonder if there is another type of competitor that could come in.

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