Change Personal Folders Location By Using Registry Windows 8, 7 & Vista

The other option would be to take the glass and removable frame to a glass shop and have them reconditioned. To find out what size window you should order from our site, you must make an accurate measurement. Your new window will go over the existing frame, so you will be measuring the distance between the inner most parts of the frame. For detailed instructions follow these steps, or watch the tutorial video below. Always bring your measurements with you while window shopping, and be aware of what the fair or average price is of what you are looking for. Window measurements will most likely be available, but it is still a good idea to bring your own tape measure and measure the windows you are purchasing as a precautionary measure.

To access this folder, open up Windows Explorer and click “Pictures” on the right side of your screen. You can also set the Print Screen key to open the Snip & Sketch app which should save some time. To do this, go to Settings and find the Ease of Access menu. Then go into the Keyboard section and toggle the Use the Prt Sc button to open Snip & Sketch to on. Release the mouse to complete your snip and then hit the save button if you’re happy with the result. We capture screenshots on a daily basis here at App Authority, so we should be able to lend a hand if you need one.

How to Measure and Prepare an Opening For A Replacement Window

Having said that, if you are not happy with the scheduled defragmentation or want to manually defrag Windows 10 then move to the next section to learn about the steps in detail. You can simply create a shortcut of the app disk defragmenter on your desktop or anywhere else you desire. But Solid State Drives or SSDs don’t use the read/write head around a spinning disk for reading or writing data on the drive. So, there is no need to perform defrag on an SSD and even the built-in tool doesn’t allow defrag for SSDs.

Defragging reformats your drive, reconstituting the files that were fragmented when they were written to your disk. Defragmentation organizes storage on your computer by consolidating files and other data saved on your hard drive. When there’s not enough space on your disk to store an entire file in one place, the file is broken down into smaller pieces called fragments. Using third-party utilities and PC optimizer tools makes defragmentation — and PC cleaning overall — a lot easier by automatically handling routine maintenance. These tools diagnose issues and prescribe fixes, saving you from having to deal with defragmentation and other time-consuming cleanup processes yourself.

How to defrag Windows 10 and Windows 8 PCs

It runs on a schedule, but you can also analyze and defragment your drives manually. The system would automatically display the health status of all the hard drives mounted on your Windows 10 PC as OK. This means that the drives are functioning at their optimum capacity.

Once that is selected, click the option for Advanced Start Up, followed by Restart Now. If the plan is to restore the computer, the following steps can simplify the process. Windows has many safety nets in place to help the user avoid accidental file deletion. Once that prompt is selected, the user is offered the choice to opt-in by saying Yes. At this point, Windows Defender Security Center will open up for the first time. Find the Settings icon in the Windows start menu.

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