Polyester Resin

Polyester Resins combined with fiberglass reinforcements have been the basis for manufacturing in the composite industry for
many decades. This combination is an affordable, flexible, easy to implement and high strength solution for composites
production in many industries. They are ideal for the open mold process and also for a closed mold such as RTM, compression, pultrusion, among others.

There is a wide variety of polyester Resin formulations available for various applications:
Orthophthalic-based general purpose Resin (Ortho)
Isophthalic (Iso) based resin with higher thermal distortion and corrosion resistance
Dicyclopentadiene-based resin (DCPD) for low shrinkage and improved cosmetic
Specialty resins for fire resistance, food service, or specific corrosion resistance.

Processes: Closed Molding, Open Molding,RTM

Industries: Construction, Infrastructure, Sports, Storage, Decorative, Marine, Transportation, Automobile

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Vinyl Ester Resin

Vinylester Resin offers greater strength, corrosion resistance and durability and is used in various processes and industries.
This resin is made of an intermediate between polyester and epoxy finishes in its molecules. They are based on the chemistry of bisphenol-A or novolak with methacrylic
acid that forms the polymer. It is used extensively for the production of corrosion resistant tanks, pipes and other
components. In addition, it offers higher corrosion resistance than unsaturated polyesters.

Vinylester resin can be formulated in such a way with polyester to produce effective corrosion and water resistance. This is used extensively in the container and marine industry. Finally, they offer a solution in the manufacture of parts where polyester or epoxy resin are not suitable.

Processes: Filament winding, Continuous lamination, Open Molding, Compression Molding.

Industries: Construction, Infrastructure, Sports, Storage, Decorative, Marine, Automobile, Transportation

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